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Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child…but we also believe it takes a village to raise a parent.  Parents need nurturing.  We need love, support, acceptance, and sometimes an ear in the middle of the night when we need to vent or fall apart.  Parenting is the hardest job you will ever love.

How can we help

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Just because we are all finding our own unique path doesn't’ mean we have to be doing it alone.  Tap into the collective wisdom of over 250,000 parents who have passed through The Village since 2005.

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say g'Day...

We believe each parent is on their own journey.  You are the  expert for your own child.  But finding your way through all the different advice, approaches, and philosophies can be overwhelming. 

We can help…

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Since 2005 the gDiapers community has been coming together both online and in person under the banner of “It takes a village to raise a parent’.  

So when the pandemic disrupted our supply chain and left us with no product to sell for 6-12 months…we thought… what’s a diaper company with no diapers to do?


The answer was obvious.  Welcome to The Village.