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The transition from women to mother is the single biggest transformation of our entire lives.  And yet, we go through it without any ritual or ceremony.  Pausing to acknowledge this monumental shift is critical to get clarity on where you are today and where you are going…

For generations, becoming a father meant taking on the responsibility of ‘providing’ for your family.  Today's Dads are more engaged with their children but the shift from man to father goes largely unmarked.  Finding space to reflect on this monumental shift in identify is critical for modern dads…

We all have it, but when we are sleep deprived and overwhelmed it can be hard to hear that little voice inside us that knows exactly what is right for our family.  Learn how to turn up the volume on your mother’s intuition and tap into one of the greatest resources we have…ourselves.

The benefits of mind training or meditation have been well documented in medical research to increase our bandwidth, our clarity, our mental tranquility, our resilience, our compassion and our joy.   Most importantly, meditation  increases connection to our intuition.

Turning our focused attention inwards allows us to decipher our unique physiological responses to our emotions.  This in turn allows us direct access to our most efficient and reliable source of ‘knowing’ – what is right for our family.

There is a reason we use the phrase ‘gut instincts’ and it can be found in modern science. This series offers a basic understanding of why it is important to listen to your gut, and how to tap into it if you aren’t able to hear it.

Meditation and mind training have been used in both elite sports and military special forces for years as the benefits are irrefutable for increasing mental clarity and capabilities.  Being a Dad takes guts, and these tools help you tap into your own intuition to help you find what is right for you and your family.

This episode dives into the 3 ways of ‘knowing’: the rational brain, our intuitive sense, and our physiological responses to emotions.  Learning how to tap into these different forms of understanding comes in handy for any Dad as you navigate the lifelong journey of raising your children.