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It’s a g thing…

When we were pregnant with our first son we learned the shocking statistics about disposable diapers (or nappies).  You know the ones…that diapers are single-use plastic;  using precious fossil fuels in production; while creating millions of tons of unmanageable plastic waste.   And the numbers have only gotten worse…

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What exactly does #BuildBackBetter mean?

It means we are turning COVID lemons into lemonade by taking this time to look at our supply chains, our materials, and incorporate all your fabulous feedback to bring you new and improved hybrid and cloth diaper products. 


We have also been working on new innovations based on the principles of the Circular Economy whereby manufacturers take full responsibility for all products they produce.  This means we would ‘take our diapers back’ and regenerate the waste into valuable resources.  No plastic.  No landfill.  No waste.  Check out Kim’s TEDx talk  to learn more.


And if you are looking for more product details, videos, tips & tricks on our original diapers go to gDiapers.com