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Why join The Village private facebook group?


At our core it is the fact that we all march to our own drum:  We don’t tend to follow the mainstream but rather find our own path. 


We are deliberate: we think, research and question. 


We are curious:  both about the world around us and our inner world.


We are compassionate:  for the planet and for the people who inhabit it.


It is these characteristics that have bonded this community for 15 years.  It is these characteristics that create a deep respect for each other and a space that doesn’t hold judgment.  Because it isn’t any one particular parenting philosophy that binds us…but rather the belief that each Mum and Dad are doing what is best for their own family.  That’s it.

So earlier this year when we found ourselves at gDiapers with no diapers to sell (thanks to COVID disrupting our supply chain) it seemed only natural to shift our attention to supporting our parents and build out as an independent parenting space.  Because the truth is, The Village has always been at the heart of g.  Because it takes a village to raise a parent.